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Our Company

We will always be creative, innovative and brainstorming for our products. Please Join Us.

With young talented engineers in hardware and software, L.I.T.Solution Co., Ltd is marching to the world and is focusing on more opportunity to help people with our products.

The managing team is a group of business talented people who have a lot of experiences in management. They are facing every challenge in business and leading the company to the success with their strong motivation.

The software development team consists of experienced developers from several countries. They are focusing on making websites, mobile apps and software applications for the world. Their dream is to build websites or mobile apps that at least 1000, 0000 people love and use every day.

The hardware development team consists of young talents from several countries. They have graduated from famous engineering universities like Tsinghua university in China. They can design and manufacture cutting-edge products such as wearable devices, power devices, recognition devices and so on. They are aiming at producing a unique, special device that everyone can love and use everyday.

No limit in creativity and innovation! Just come up with an innovation! It will become reality with our team.


Company History


managing team and 100 engineers, manufacture mass products and sell software products


managing team and 50 engineers, started to sell our products


managing team and 20 engineers and started to manufacture the products


start up the company. 2 managing team and 10 engineers

You are always welcome to cooperate with our company. Any idea something creative will be always considered.

Please contact us when you have an idea or you have a project for us. Anything that we can work on in hardware and software fields, we will be happy working with you.