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Image processing


Our solutions address business challenges that arise in Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Security, Logistics, Banking, and other industries.


Face detection

This feature allows an application to detect whether a person’s face is presented in an image or in a video record. Face detection makes a foundation for more sophisticated cases such as personal identification, event detection, and markerless AR software based on image analysis.

Personal identification

Matching a detected face with a database of known individuals, our image analysis software can confirm their identity. This allows for a variety of opportunities, from multifactor authentication for apps with high security standards to detecting criminals in a crowd for CCTV monitoring.

Emotion recognition

Analyzing faces of clients in a bank or shoppers in a store before and after communication with the employees, emotion recognition software identifies positive and negative changes in customer satisfaction levels. And this is only one possible application of this feature – think of your own, innovative purpose for emotion recognition, and we will transform your idea into unique software solution.


Robotic assistants and toys

We leverage computer vision techniques to provide robots with the ability to see the surroundings. Robotic vision may differ significantly in capabilities – a robotic vacuum needs only basic spatial sensing to build a map of a room, while intelligent assistants often have in-built face and emotion recognition features to identify their owners and react to changes in their moods. We ensure that our custom image analysis software for robots is fine-tuned to their purposes.

Industrial robots

Being able to “see” the details on an assembly line, industrial robots can replace humans in mundane repetitive tasks that require vision – from assembling to automated quality inspection . Automate your assembly line with machine vision software to speed up operations manifold.


Equipped with cameras, modern drones need to make only one step further to become indispensable assistants in logistics, topography, and defense, and this is the ability to detect and recognize objects provided by image analysis software. We empower drones with computer vision to help you see the difference!


Smart video surveillance systems

With our image analysis software, you can also enhance the safety of your physical office. Event and anomaly detection in real-time video helps security staff to be on watch, alerting them if something unusual happens.


We create medical image analysis software for hospital and practices worldwide. In healthcare, computer vision is used as part of computer-aided diagnosis software helping doctors to detect abnormal signs in both 3D and plain images and videos. While not being able to replace human clinicians, computer vision applications can become their reliable assistants, pointing out areas worth special attention and thus reducing human error in radiology.

  • CT
  • MRI
  • PET
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray


Our image analysis software helps to control quality of products in various industries: food (bakery, fruits and vegetables, meat, etc.), manufacturing (printboards, various assemblies, glasses, etc.).

Quality inspection

Detecting various visible defects in UV, infrared, X-ray, and visible spectrum.

Grading and sorting

Apart from finding defective items, AVI can classify and sort them based on a customizable grading system


Text digitization functionality can be implemented independently or as part of a more complex application (for example, number plate reading for self-driving cars or real-world text recognition for translator apps).


Unlike their LED- and laser-based counterparts, barcode readers based on image analysis can scan multiple barcodes at once and from a distance, handling variability in the look angle and illumination. Speed up barcode reading and scale up your business proportionally.


We create AR applications with in-built image analysis functionality. They use object recognition to overlay digital images onto real objects and spatial mapping to create realistic mixed-reality experiences.


Adding image analysis capabilities to IoT, we get devices that are even more smart. Image analysis allows IoT devices to “see” the surroundings detecting surfaces and objects (think of a robotic vacuum cleaner finding its way) and recognizing people (think of a smart door letting its owner in or any smart device being unlocked with the user’s face).

Our computer vision consultants use both pre-trained models provided by ML libraries and custom models designed and trained by our data scientists to solve particular image recognition challenges of our customers.

Apart from plain images, we work with 3D models and video records.



  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • Objective-C


  • Core ML
  • Cloud Image Recognition SDK
  • TensorFlow Lite
  • Caffe2

  • Tensor Flow
  • Open CV
  • Caffe
  • Natural Language Toolkit


  • Android
  • iOS

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux